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Sat_Nav Map reference/GPS Coordinates

N 46° 48' 27" - W 2° 06' 18"

Sat-Nav French Postcode.     85169

Download a file containing A PDF version of a Quick Response Code for your Home Publicity for use with Smartphones. Gives Website details.                                                  .

VenezVendeeQRCode.pdf new_information_on_french_motoring_laws_2012_mar_.pdf

NEW  Please be aware that many French Villages have now adopted a new Maximum Speed Limit of 30 KPH within their boundaries. This is instead of the old limit of 50 KPH.

Download a PDF file containing a summary of new French motoring proposals and laws.

Briefly, from July 1st it is proposed that motorists should carry Breathalyser self test kits (2).

Also, that Sat Nav systems may not have the ability to show speed camera information. You should download updates to prevent this. Hefty fines and/or confiscation of equipment will occur on breaking this law.


Download a file containing A PDF version of Travel Directions for your Home Publicity or for your Journey.   

Suggested route to Camping Les Amiaux.pdf

Download a file containing A PDF version of the Les Amiaux Site Map for your Home Publicity or Holiday.  .